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Ch-paa-qn Peak Hike

Ch-paa-qn Peak (pronounced "Cha pa kwin") which roughly translates from Salish to English as ‘shining peak’ is as accurate a description as any.  This stunning peak stands West of the Garden City of Missoula, and with more than 4,000 feet of prominence. It’s shining peak can be seen from almost anywhere in the Missoula valley. Standing at roughly 8,000 feet, the ‘shining peak’ shows it’s striations and pock marks like a badge of honor against mother nature's force. Once towering above Glacial Lake Missoula the former shoreline can be seen stretched across its face as the morning sun brings dark to light.   We set out to explore the tallest peak in the Missoula valley, and here is what we found:  Signalling for the Huson...

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